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“Who Else Wants To Enjoy Displays Of The Biggest and Best RC Model Airplanes – In Cinema Quality From Your Armchair – On Your Big Screen!”

Watch all the best giant rc model airplanes from the comfort of your armchair.
No more hunching in front of your computer screen to watch poor quality online video.
Just slip in a DVD and watch these great displays in cinema blockbuster quality.

“..a wonderful mixture of aircraft… and not without a heart stopping moment..”

There is a wonderful mixture of aircraft of all sorts. Featuring WW2 fighters, a most unusual turbo-prop Shorts Seamew, Dave Johnson’s magnificent one-seventh scale Avro Vulcan and a brilliant presentation of Keith Mitchell’s superb 1/3rd scale Hawker Hunter (although not without a heart-stopping moment shortly after take-off!), this DVD is very enjoyable viewing indeed and well recommended – could be very useful for club nights!

Reg Heath

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From: Bruce Bird,

Want to know what other modelers are building and flying but you can’t get to the big shows? What are they building, how do they look? And more importantly, how do they fly?

Are you fed up with all that poor quality video rubbish on YouTube? Are you a ‘hotshot’ modeller who wants to see screaming jets and realistic jet manoeuvres? Or a greybeard with memories of piston engines and turboprops that wants to bring back some memories of how things used to be? Or do you just love all those months and years of meticulous detailed work that goes into producing a true to scale rc model – that the modeler then entrusts entirely to his flying skills! Or have you just been forced to ‘go electric’ to keep the neighborhood happy – but still love to hear the bellow of a big gas engine or four?

Now you can see the best of the best. The ‘Top Guns’ of the modelling world. The guys who re-create the glory of the real world of aviation in the most realistic way.

More than 60 minutes of running time on every volume.
A whole selection of DVD-Videos to choose from.
Supreme accuracy of construction and flying by modelers fanatical about every detail.
Props, turbines, jets and choppers, there’s something for everyone.

Model Airplane Videos collects the very best of the big model flying and demonstrations into action packed compilations. Now you really can see the shows that you couldn’t get to, the models that you heard about but have never seen plus some models and even airplanes you never knew existed!

Warbirds 136″ span, turbine Messerschmitt 262, Grumman Cougar, 1.3 scale Me 109, 5 cylinder radial Douglas Skyraider, 38 lbs 1/4 scale Spitfire Mk lX, 1/3 scale Hawker Hunter
Transports 120 lb Boeing C-17 Globemaster lll, 183 ins span Comet 4C, C-47s, Junkers 52, 3 x Lockheed Super Constellations
Bombers 150 lb turbine powered Avro Vulcan, 17 ft span, 100 lb Lancasters, 8 turbine Boeing B-52, Handley Page Harrow
Dawn Patrol Nieuport 11 biplanes, 40% scale Hawker Hind, 131 ins span, 38 lbs Sopwith Tabloid, 10 x GeeBee racers
Cinema quality DVD-Video of the biggest and best RC Model Airplanes

From large to larger to largest. From ancient to veteran to modern, every type of airplane and propulsion. All of them in cinema quality for your pleasure. Already got one? – Then get some more!

Choose another volume – or look out for the big discount offers down below.

The Boys With Big 'Uns Vol 4 The Boys With Big 'Uns Vol 5 The Boys With Big 'Uns Vol 6 The Boys With Big 'Uns Vol 7


Professionally authored and produced in PAL or NTSC formats to suit your player, these model airplane DVDs come fully boxed. Delivery in 2-5 days depending on your location.

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P.S. Too busy to research, build and fly your own rc models? You can still indulge your enthusiasm for giant rc model airplanes with Model Airplane Videos.

P.P.S. Put an end to searching through poor quality online archives for something interesting. Just slip the latest disk into your DVD player and relax in your armchair for a full hour of cinema quality pleasure.